WiFi Re-Broadcasting with Intel’s My WiFi

When the family and I stay at hotels, the internet wifi charge per device, per day can really add up. Paying for 2 laptops, 2 phones, and a tablet can be a bit too much. I always thought it would be a great idea to connect one device, and share it to other devices by creating a new wireless network of my own. I looked for solutions to this and wasn’t content with having to use a wired (ethernet) connection in order to share, since some hotels now only have wireless.

Then one day I decided to Google the “Intel My Wifi” feature on my Dell PC Laptop, and realized it might be the answer – it was!

How does it work? While my laptop is connected to the hotel room’s WiFi, I can share the connection by creating my own wifi network on the same laptop. Then, other devices can then connect to my new wifi connection (instead of the hotel room’s wifi). What I like better about this solution is:

1)  your devices do not need to be paired (bluetooth)

2) WiFi to WiFi enables you to share internet in almost all hotels

3) you do not have to pay $60/day for internet!

I won’t go into details about how to set it up, other than there should be an icon for it on the task bar ( for Windows PCs). Right click and explore the options, and it should be self explanatory. By the way, Intel My Wifi is a hardware solution and is not commonly available on all laptops.

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